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We Manage your Virtual Staff

I Need A VA pairs you with top vetted and trained virtual assistants that help you run and manage your business.

Trusted By Entrepreneurs To Help Them

We help frustrated entrepreneurs take

back their life

Get More Tasks Done In Less Time

Your Dedicated Assistant

We partner you with a virtual assistant dedicated to only you, vetted, trained and experienced to handle your needs.

On Duty Assistant Manager

We assign each client a dedicated virtual assistant manager that will manage your VA and will be your first line of contact

24/7 Emergency Response

Any emergency task corrections needed and your dedicated VA isn’t around- We will take care of it for you.

How We Can Help You

We will help you determine the role and tasks that you need improvement in and why you need to outsource. We will discuss the type of VA you need for your business.

The I Need A VA Process

Discovery Call

Book a FREE 1-on-1 call with our Outsourcing Specialist and tell us what you need so that we can provide the right VA solution for you.


Our HR Manager will sift through our VA candidates and shortlist the best candidates for you to review, meet and interview.

VA Selection

When you’ve chosen your VA, we’ll hire them and take them through VA orientation and the on-boarding process.

Ongoing Support

We will handle all HR matters for you from VA attendance, performance, reporting, payroll and anything else that may arise.

Buy Back Your Freedom





Things You Don't Know How To Do

Some tasks should be handed off to an expert who can do them faster and better. We will pair you with a Virtual Assistant who will not only get the job done but done right!

Give Yourself The Time To Do What Matters

By outsourcing repetitive and non-value-added activities to a team who can be trusted to fulfill them. Let us get you access to skilled expertise so you can focus on core business goals and planning and gain more efficiency.

Stop Doing Task That's A Waste Of Your Time

Just because a task is simple to do doesn’t mean you should be doing them. Your time is valuable. Delegate these mundane tasks and free your time and mind to focus on more important projects.

What Our VAs Think About Us


Do I get to choose which Virtual Assistant to work for me?

Yes, you will get the chance to choose your own VA after our team will present candidates for you.

How long before my Virtual Assistant can start working for me?

There’s a 7-10 days period before you meet your chosen Virtual Assistant. For that period, we will send you the candidate/s portfolio/s so you can select who among them matches your preference and we’ll get your feedback from there.

Do my Virtual Assistant work for me full-time or part-time?

We recommend that all Virtual Assistants work full-time so they can be solely dedicated in working for you.

Do you help manage Virtual Assistants?

Yes, we manage VAs for you. We also do other services for your convenience like recruiting, training, managing, getting them insurance, and even take care of the payroll so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Are the Virtual Assistants trained?

Definitely, yes. We hire Virtual Assistants and put them through a 5-day training before we certify them and make sure they are qualified to work for clients. They are taught fundamental skills on how to be a Virtual Assistant like technical skills, communication skills, ethics, graphic designing, administrative tasks, lead generation, social media management, and more. They submit their outputs and put it in a Google Drive folder so we can send you their portfolios once we pair them up with you.

How do we pay the Virtual Assistants?

You don’t have to worry about the payroll, because we handle all financial assistance needed for your VAs.

Is my Virtual Assistant my employee?

Technically yes, but in legal sense, no. That is because you won’t have to pay any taxes or other fees since your VA is an independent contractor. You don’t have to worry about any issues between you and your VA since we will provide them a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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